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Glenrock Earthmovers ensure only products and services of the highest calibre are used for all jobs.  Glenrock Earthmovers rates are extremely competitive, ensuring clients get a mixed balance of quality and value.


Glenrock Earthmovers offer an array of quality products and services, including:


·       Schools

·       Residential:

o   from smaller homes

o   Townhouses

o   quality large homes with acreage

·       Commercial Sites

·       Ponds

·       Dams


·       Residential

·       Commercial


·       Retaining walls

·       Foundations

Section Clearing


Driveway Formation:

·       Residential

·       Commercial

·       Rural

Floor Slab Excavations

Floor Slab Preparations

Backfilling and Compacting

·       Retaining Wall

Offal Holes

General Earthworks

Suppliers of:

·       All base course metals

·       Sand Products

·       Drainage Scoria