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Glenrock Earthmovers have some of the most competitive rates in the industry today. 


The following represent the schedule of charges for machine hire associated with Glenrock Earthmovers Services, these prices are excluding GST and subject to change without notice:



Hourly Rate

Mitsubishi 6W Tip Truck


Mitsubishi 8W Tip Truck


Transporter Hire


IHI 40 JX Digger (4 Tonne)


IHI 45 NX Digger(4.5 Tonne)


IHI 55 N Digger (5.5 Tonne)




CAT312LB Digger (13.5 Tonne)


CAT955 Traxcavator (15 Tonne)


CAT977 Traxcavator (22 Tonne)


CAT953 Traxcavator




Sheeps Foot Roller


Transportation (Greater Auckland)

Per Shift

4.5/5.5 Tonne Transportation


13.5/15 Tonne Transportation


22 Tonne Transportation






     Note: All Prices are GST exclusive and subject to change without notice